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No Cost To Switch - Guaranteed Savings*

  • Talk to someone who appreciates you
  • Click the button and enter your zip code and then choose the guaranteed savings plan

  • No cost to switch and we'll give the bad news to ComEd for you that we're your new energy partner
Ambit Energy Independent Consultant Ambit Energy Independent Consultant

What Can You Do?

  • Switch the source of your electricity from ComEd to someone who appreciates you, Ambit Energy

Why Should You Switch?

  • No cost to switch from ComEd to us
  • We have to charge you something for your electricity, but we are Guaranteed to be lower price than ComEd with our guaranteed savings plan*
  • We care about you and will send you a welcome gift, a 2-night hotel stay*
  • We let you earn more gifts, 1 travel point for every unit of electricity that you use (kWh)
  • Do you own ComEd? If not, why wouldn't you switch to get a guaranteed lower price!*

Tell Me More

  • ComEd still owns the meter at your home/business and will still deliver the electricity from us to you. This is called deregulation and it's part of state law and they have to do this
  • Any outages will be the fault of ComEd and you can still call them to fix any outages
  • Your bill will still come from ComEd but it will have our charges on it for the supply of your electricity, with our rates
  • If switching to us causes an outage for you, we will give you a credit on your monthly bill

Start Your New Relationship!

We will personally contact you with more information. We never share your information with third parties, but you may receive information via email regarding Ambit Energy.